【Notes on our shop】
We have warehouses overseas and will prepare to order as soon as we receive your order.す。


【About shipping】
Same-day delivery Scheduled to be shipped within 1-3 business days after confirming payment定
Standard shipping Scheduled to be shipped within 5-15 business days after confirming payment.定
(Example: Monday to Wednesday = 3 business days Sunday to Tuesday = 2 business days日)

※As of August 2023, it takes about 9 business days on average to ship.

※We will ship as soon as all products are available.。 Same day delivery
If you purchase a product and a regular delivery product at the same time, Same day deliveryPlease note that this is not applicable.。


~Order flow~

Order Payment Confirmation Order Inspection Packaging Overseas Shipping Delivery発送→お届け

※Shipping days are calculated as business days. Ordering and shipping operations are not carried out on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. ん。
※Examples of business day conversion days are as follows:。
(Example: Monday to Wednesday = 3 business days Sunday to Tuesday = 2 business days))

※Delivery may be delayed due to warehouse delivery company circumstances.す。

※Normally it will be shipped within 5-15 business days after payment, but please note that it may take longer depending on the warehouse logistics situation.さい。

※If the receiving period has passed, the item will be returned to you. If you wish to have it re-delivered, please note that the round-trip shipping fee (2,000 yen) will be borne by the customer.い。
※Items whose storage period has expired will be discarded. Under no circumstances will we be able to accept reshipping or refunds. Please be sure to pick up the item within the storage period.します。

【About the product】
There may be slight individual differences in size and color depending on the product.す。
Colors may vary slightly depending on the shooting location and your device monitor environment.す。


About payment methods】


【Compatible payments】
・Credit card payment VISA, Master, Amexx)
・Bank transfer
・Convenience store settlement
・Amazon Pay
・PayPay payment
・Merpay payment
・Pay later Convenience store/bank payment支払い


【Regarding delivery】
Shipping fee is 600 yen nationwide.。
Product price8,000 yenFree shipping for purchases over。
※It is not possible to specify the time or date.。

 The tracking number will be reflected only after the item has arrived in Japan and cleared customs, so tracking may not be possible for up to 4 to 7 days after the shipping notification.す。

If your package is returned to us due to long-term absence, etc., and you wish to have it resent, please note that you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee of 2,000 yen.さい。


【About cancellation】
We do not accept cancellations after payment has been made. Please confirm your order before placing your order.す。


【Regarding returns and exchangesて】
「If you receive a defective product that is different from what you ordered, we will promptly exchange it for the same product or refund your return.いただきます。

Returns and refunds for products will be made within 3 days after receiving the product.We do not accept returns due to customer convenience.せん。Inquiry formPlease contact us from。


In that case, please fill in the following.。

・Order ID
・email address
・Reason for return/exchange由
・Photo of the applicable product
・Photo of the QR code on the product label

 If we have it in stock, we will return it for exchange; if it is out of stock, we will issue a refund.す。


※「Please note that in principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges for other products if the reason is due to the customer's convenience, such as the customer making a mistake in ordering the size that does not match the image.ご注意ください


【About order changes】
We are unable to change the color or size of the product after you place your order. Please be sure to check before placing your order.ます。


【Regarding receipts from 2022/10/17り
We do not issue receipts. Please use the details issued by each payment method as a receipt.い。

【When receiving at a convenience store PUDO delivery locker合】
① Check the invoice number as soon as you receive the shipping notification.
② Register as Yamato Transport's Kuroneko Members and select and register to change the pick-up location.録

 We cannot ship directly to convenience stores or PODO delivery lockers from our shop, so please be sure to enter your home address or Yamato Transport office address.。


【If you pick it up at the office】
If you would like to receive the item at the office, please set the delivery address to Kuroneko Yamato's office.す。
「Please write in the address field and 〇〇 ward 〇〇 center in Tokyo.い。
Please be careful not to forget to enter your name.。

※Please do not enter your address in the shipping address。
When you arrive at our office, please bring your ID with you to pick it up.。


【About changing the recipient address】
If you would like to change the recipient address after placing your order, please follow the steps below.。

① Check the invoice number as soon as you receive the shipping notification.

② Register as Yamato Transport Kuroneko Members and change your pick-up location or call your nearest office and change your pick-up location

Please contact us for details as changes may not be possible depending on the shipping method.。


【About the product】
Lily Moon's products are basically selected from all over the world.As they are sewn overseas, there may be errors compared to Japanese sewing standards, so we would appreciate it if you would purchase them from someone who is familiar with overseas sewn products.です。